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Our custom designed natural scenes are achieved through the unique architecture and engineering of our entire Boulder Formation line of GFRC Cast Rock Systems. The unique features of these products allow for easy expandability by combining different components into a customized natural scene, while maintaining the simplicity of a modular system that is perfect for both Residential and Commercial Applications.

All Boulder Formation components can be used individually or combined together allowing for the most basic designs to the most elaborate custom creations. The basic Modular Boulder Formations designs are homeowner install friendly.  Large scale structural design scenes can be installed by a prequalified Boulder Formations Dealer Installer. 

Our entire line of cast rock is created from GFRC ( Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete ) allowing the true look and feel of real rock along with optimum strength and durability.  This very same process has been used in resorts and theme parks for well over thirty years.  Boulder Formations has created the opportunity for that very same application to be applied in your very own back yard.

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